5 Inspiring Garden Designs For Families With Kids

With Summer on it's way, what better way to enjoy the sunshine than spend it outdoors. And why not create your own little Garden Of Eden in your own back yard?

Discover our top 5 inspiring garden designs for families with little ones.

 1. Get Creative With Play Spaces

It's easy to choose a slide or swing for your garden, but if you'd like to go one step further, why not create built-in apparatus your children can enjoy for years to come? With modern eco-friendly materials, you can create a beautiful space for children while maintaining a modern, minimalist look.

2. Noteworthy Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly gardens are popular amongst pre-schoolers, and you can even create your very own butterfly haven in your garden. By choosing the right plants and building the right space, you could soon be home to a pack of fluttering friends in your garden.

3. Think Outside The Box

Photo by Little Miracles Designs

If you don't have a traditional outdoor space or can't seem to find the right products to fit, why not look into custom-made options for your garden?
It doesn't need to be elaborate or large if you're afraid it will take up too much space, look at options and ask for direction from local carpenters and landscapers as they might have the perfect solution to fit your space.

4. The Play House

Choosing the right play house for your space can completely transform your garden and become a new focal point for your children. Whether it's a wendy house, tree house or treasure trove, there are so many different options to choose from. Have a browse on Pinterest of Instagram if you are searching for new ideas.

5. Encourage Nature Play

There are so many ways to create the ideal garden space for toddlers and children. Children love to learn through play and by giving their own sanctuary in the garden, you are helping them grow their confidence and independence as they play and explore, instilling a passion and love for animals and the environment.
Have you recently landscaped your gardens and found the perfect way to encourage play with your kids and inspire a love of the outdoors? Send us a photo and let us know - we'd love to hear from you!

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