Our Top Tips For Styling A Children's Room Or Nursery

How To Style A Children's Bedroom

Styling a children's bedroom or nursery is such a fun experience as you will be creating a unique space for your child to grow up in. Whether you are expecting a new baby and looking to decorate a nursery, or if your baby is approaching toddlerhood or now wants a big boy or big girl bedroom, discover our kid's room design inspiration with simple tips to styling your children's room to create the perfect space for them to learn, explore and grow.

1. Decide on the layout

While the layout can be reliant on the fixtures and fittings in a room, such as if there are fitted wardrobes, where the radiators, windows and doors are located, you can still coordinate the room. Our top tip is to remember the layout can determine the flow of the room, and always remember to allow for pockets of space for play and creativity.

You can easily create spaces by placing objects such as tables and bookshelves. 

2. Choose a colour scheme

One of the best things about styling a children's room is that you don't have to stick to blue for boys or pink for girls. Creating a space they wake up to that is filled with colours can not only spark creativity, but can make it a fun place they love waking up to and going to bed in - hopefully minimising any drama at bedtime!

3. Select some key centrepieces

Teepee, princess tents, games tables - whatever your child loves playing with, why not build around their favourite things? Here are some of our favourite centrepieces that we think would look great in any children's room.



Check out Pinterest for some great inspiration.

4. Decorate with art!

This is most definitely our favourite! Choosing playful art prints and creating feature walls of artwork is easy.

'Watercolour Cactus Art Prints' by Mode Prints

Instilling a children's love of animals is an incredible thing, and by decorating their room with their favourite animals, you can help them identify animals from a young age boosting learning and making it fun.

A selection of children's art prints by Mode Prints

Don't forget to frame some of your children's artwork too, so they can take pride of place in your children's room for them to admire everyday.

'Set Of Six Nursery Prints' by Mode Prints

Browse our full collection of children's art prints and personalised artwork to find the perfect artwork picks for your children's room or nursery.

5. Pick clever storage

Storage, storage and more storage! When you have little humans running around the house, picking up after them becomes your new pastime, but why not help them love putting their toys away by using modern, cute storage that adds to the ambience in their rooms?



We hope you enjoyed our tips for styling a children's bedroom or nursery. Have you got any tips for kid's room ideas or special finds you have come across that your children love? Let us know - we'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, have a wonderful day!


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