5 Ways To Create A Dreamy Home Office

Working from home is faster becoming the norm. Whether you are a creative, juggling a side hustle, or simply a workaholic, creating an inspiring office at home is a great way to start building a healthy work-life balance. 

The Best Home Office Ideas

Take a look at our editor's favourite home office ideas and start paving the way to your ideal future, today.

1. Sophisticated Office Spaces 

Photo by Houzz - Marker Girl Home

2. Add Inspiring Wall Art

Inspiring Wall Art For Home Offices Mode Prints Watercolour Landscape Art Print 

Art by Mode Prints - 'Watercolour River Landscape' Art Print

Art is one of the most important choices when designing your home office. While you can choose motivational Typographic prints to get you in the spirit of work, the concept of winding down after a day's work can be achieved by adding a touch of botanical and landscape art. This artwork signifies the beauty of nature and adds a relaxing aura to your space, bringing the importance of mindfulness to your front of mind.

 3. Create A Cosy Space

Cosy Home Office Spaces

Photo by MyDomaine Source: Pinterest

Offices don't have to be large, and remember - you have to start somewhere. Don't compromise on having your own space for your venture because you lack the room.

Choosing a space near a large window means you will get the benefit of natural light, which believe it or not is an excellent deterrent for procrastination.

The Elgin Avenue Second Bedroom As Guest Room And Home Office

Photo by The Elgin Avenue Source: Cult Furniture on Pinterest

Get creative - there are hundreds of clever storage options and built-in desks that can give you you the workspace you need without losing square meters on your floor plan.

Pink Modern Home Office Spaces We Heart It

Photo by WeHeartIt.com Source: Pinterest

4. Add Luxury Finishes

Luxury Rugs For Home Offices Daily Dream Decor

Photo by DailyDreamDecor Source: Pinterest

Surround yourself with quality finishes in faux fur or faux sheepskin to get the luxe look. Just because you're at home, doesn't mean you can't get comfortable in your own office. Choose luxury linens for drapes and large cathedral-style vintage mirrors add light.

Combining vintage furniture pieces with modern statement rugs is another way to add a high-end finish.

Living Etc Home Office Ideas

Photo by LivingEtc Source: Pinterest

Be calculated though, or you'll love your home office space so much you'll never want to leave. 

Luxury Home Library Dreamy Office Designs One Kind Design

Photo by OneKindDesign Source: Pinterest

5. Choose Scandinavian Decor


We've all heard of Hygge, and while it's important to adopt a cosy setting for work, you can also experiment with different Scandi themes which remain minimalist, giving you the chance to add select unique pieces in your home office to make it more personal to you.

Home Office Ideas Scandinavian Decor

Photo by HomeToZ  Source: Pinterest

We hope you enjoyed our guide to creating a dreamy home office. We'd love to hear what you think! Tag us @ModePrints on Facebook or Instagram and share your amazing office spaces with us for the chance to get featured.

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