Everything You Need To Know About Terrazzo

If there's one design trend which everyone from kitchen designers to interior stylists are talking about, it's terrazzo.

The composite material traditionally used for tiling and flooring has exploded in the interior and decor industry, with new ranges foraying into art prints, home accessories and furnishings.

Some of our favourite designs come from Raks Ceramics, Mosaic Terrazzo and Terrazzo Tiles. The quality and craftsmanship of these modern tile designs make it an ideal choice for use in your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

What we love about Terrazzo

The pops of colour and creative design of Terrazzo mean that the style can be used in other products such as art and home decor, while maintaining a contemporary modern feel to your interiors.

 With so many choices available, you can discover your favourite blend of colours for Terrazzo quickly and still opt for a modern mismatched design finish that looks fun and contemporary.

Bring back vintage designs using Terrazzo borders.

Add cool, pastel shades of blues to synchronise your bathroom and create a sense of calm.

Add a traditional aesthetic to your room.

For a unique look, use contrasting patterned tiling in conjunction with Terrazzo.

Have you encorporated Terrazzo elements into your design project or renovation
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