The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Wedding

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Wedding 

Planning a wedding is not an easy task if you are unprepared - it requires extensive organisation, planning and arranging so many details. A marriage is a beautiful chapter in life, and even more people are getting married nowadays which led us to create this guide to provide you with the ultimate tools and options to consider, that will help you plan the perfect wedding.

Set your date!

The very first thing on many couples minds is to agree on a date for your wedding day. Getting engaged in such a special and inspiring time filled with so much joy, and once you have celebrated and shared your exciting news with your friends, families and colleagues, it is definitely time to start thinking about a date.


Some couples decide a date that is memorable for them, for example - their first date, the day they met, or even a special date that represents their compassion for a loved one such as a grandparents' birthday. 

It is important to consider several factors before setting your date - such as coinciding with your favourite venue choice. It is important to remember that many venues have year-long waiting lists (or longer!), and sometimes it can be challenging to agree on both the date and venue. The more time you spend planning your wedding and the earlier you get started, the more chance you have of securing both!

Choosing a venue

You might have had your heart set on a venue since you were little, or you might wish to get married in a sentimental place. Decide on your favourite venues and then it's time to start arranging appointments to visit the venue and meet with their event planners. It is important to remember some venues get booked up years in advance, so make sure you plan to visit as many as you like in the early days to find out about their availability and pricing.

If you are looking for a rustic wedding, scour the web for country homes and estates that offer venue hire as this could give you the ideal backdrop for your big day. Or, if you are looking for a city venue, discover boutique hotels which usually have exclusive spaces which could be perfect for your wedding. 

Another idea is to have your wedding abroad. A lot of couples are choosing this option to have an unforgettable holiday with your closest friends and family, and it can sometimes even be cheaper than having a wedding in your home town. But, be sure to verify online reviews from couples who have used the venues you have on your list before planning the price of flight tickets and accommodation.


Planning for accommodation will depend on your predetermined location and your guest. If you are going to accommodate older people with special needs, then you have to lodge them somewhere quiet rather than in the middle of a noisy clubhouse. You also have to consider the cost of transportation to the venue, for instance, the cost of transport from the airport or the means of transport for example air or sea.

It is important to ensure you plan the right accommodation before the wedding and take into account factors such as the venue amenities, distance, accessibility, and more.

Choose the theme of the wedding

Once you have agreed both a venue and a date, you can start to look at your desired ceremony. You can select a small private wedding party, a more laid-back party with close family and friends, a lavish party with all your classmates and workmates, an evening reception party or a daytime party. These days it is more common to have a day wedding to register your marriage in front of close family and friends, and an evening reception with your wider circle of friends, family and colleagues - but, this isn't the only option. Choose what ultimately makes you happy, and once you have considered your favourite ceremony, you can move forward.

The very essence of your wedding depends on your desired wedding style or theme. Picking the ideal theme is not only about your favorite colors. However, it will certainly save time to choose a wedding palette and decor style which forms the basis of the aesthetics of your big day.

We will go into more detail on the different wedding themes later on, but popular choices include rustic, traditional, whimsical, modern and vintage, amongst many others!

Decide on the menu

The menu on your wedding day very much coincides with your theme, and perhaps even your venue. Whether you want your wedding more formal with a full sit-down meal, or more chilled with nibbles and drinks, choose what would make you both more comfortable in an environment you and your guests will enjoy.

Choosing the stationery

This is definitely our favourite part - choosing your wedding stationery. Your journey begins the moment you get engaged as you can invite friends and family to celebrate with Engagement Party Invitations.

Once you have set your date, you can choose your favourite Save The Date cards to send to your wedding guests. 

Then it's time for Wedding Invitations. Couples usually choose invitations that match the theme of their wedding theme, for example by colour schemes such as pink and white, or by style such as romantic or modern. The invitations will be kept for usually long periods of time and brought to your wedding, so it is important to choose a premium paper stock. 

Here at Mode Prints, we use premium luxe 300 gsm white card and offer personalisation on all of our wedding invitations, so you have your names, date, venue, RSVP details and all the other crucial information ready to send to your guests. We also include Kraft envelopes with all of our invitations which adds to the authentic feel for such an important occasion.

As you near the big day, it's all about Bridal Shower or Bachelorette/Hen Party Invitations. This is usually arranged by your Maid Of Honour if they are planning your party. And for stags/groomsmen, Bachelor/Stag Party invitations which are usually arranged by your best man. 

Then it is time for your special day, and it's customary to send thank you cards to all of your guests for contributing to and celebrating your marriage and to thank them for their gifts. 

Choosing flowers

Flowers play an essential role in any occasion, and they are even more important for a wedding. Flowers are very much the icing on the cake, and can perfectly blend the theme and the style of your wedding, while also providing ample opportunities for Instagram photos!

Before deciding on which type of flowers to buy, think about the bridal bouquet you would like to hold on the day. Bouquets for your bridesmaids, boutonnieres for the groom, groomsmen and dads, corsages for the mums, as well as flowers to decorate the wedding venue and centrepieces for the reception tables.

Search for local florists who specialise in weddings, and arrange appointments with your favourites to compare prices, styles and portfolios. You can also choose to source your own flowers, in which case Pinterest is your go-to tool to help you search for wonderful creations such as floral arches, floral photo walls, and more. You can find a design you would like to use as inspiration and take that to your local florist to get quotes for your wedding.

Find the perfect music

Music plays a very important role at a wedding. If you would like hymns or romantic music played as you walk down the aisle, Whether you have a budget for your favourite band, or you have found your ideal DJ who can get everyone on the dance floor - music sets the ambience and tone for your wedding day. It's important to choose a reliable option that will help you and your guests groove on the day.

And last but not least, the cake!

Perhaps one of the most memorable moments of a wedding after the first kiss (and the first dance), is the cake. With honourable alternatives to the traditional three-tiered wedding cake trading in recent years, you now have a vast choice of cakes on offer. We would definitely recommend booking in for a cake tasting session at your local cake makers to decide the flavours you like, as well as the colours choices and ingredients. We guarantee it's something both of you will enjoy - how exquisite to spend an afternoon tasting delicious cakes!

We hope you enjoyed our guide! Let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you.

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