Mode Prints Co Interior Styling Tips

Photo: The Everygirl

How To Style A Room

Are you looking to style a room and add colour or just modernise the interiors so you can come home to an immaculate (and Instagrammable) space you can call your own?

Styling a room and updating it's interiors is no simple task. So, where do you begin? Read our top tips for styling a room to find out!

Gallery Walls

Tropical Jungle Art Print Set Gallery Wall Toucan Zebra Peacock Art

Photo: Mode Prints

Adding a gallery wall like our 'Tropical Jungle Gallery Wall' will create a pop of colour in your wall space. 

Get inspired and browse our full range of gallery print sets to choose your favourite style.

Potted Plants

Patch London House Plants Potted Plants Room Styling

Photo: Patch London

Once you have decorated your room and styled it with statement artwork, one of our favourite things to add are potted plants. 

Go Monochrome

 Monochrome Abstract Art Print Framed by Mode Prints

Photo: Mode Prints

Adding a monochrome aesthetic to your space allows you to be creative, without having to combine and match colours. You can add monochrome art prints like our 'Black And White Abstract 3 Lines' print, typography prints and even combine them with black and white family photographs to add an authentic and cosy feel.

Wall Hangings

Canvas Hoop Gifts by Mode Prints wooden watercolour painting prints

Our new-found obsession has to be wall hangings. Our brand new line of wooden canvas hoops features beautiful prints of original watercolour paintings such as these nature-inspired pieces. 

We also love woven macrame wall hangings like this stunning piece by Florida-based brand Moss Hound Designs. 

Handmade large macrame weave wall hanging black chartreuse by Moss Hound Designs

Photo: Moss Hound Designs

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide to styling your home interiors. 

There will be more how-to-guides and styling tips to come, so stay tuned! We'd love to see how you styled your room. Get in touch via Facebook or Instagram